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Accessing a coach or mentor


If you think coaching and mentoring might be for you and you are from a subscribing organisation you can access someone from the pool for free by registering on the online matching site

Before you do check out the following info to help you get the best out of the experience:


If you know you want to make a change at work, no matter how big or small, then coaching and mentoring from the pool could support you achieve it.

You’ll need a rough idea what you want to change but your coach and mentor will help you work out your goals more clearly.  

Need ideas? Check out why others are accessing coaches and mentors 

We know that coaching and mentoring works best if you have support from your organisation, whether that’s your manager or a sponsor who has a vested interest in helping you succeed at work. So get their support and involve them in the process. You may feel daunted by this idea but believe us it can make a positive difference and our coaches/mentors are trained to help make it worthwhile.

How would they be involved? See our Essential Guide for Line Managers and Sponsors (you can send them this guide to help convince them of the value for you accessing this service)

Register on the matching site and share some details about what you are looking for and pick someone who could help you meet your needs. The matching site has information to help you think about who would be good to work with and helps you to make a suitable match.  

Need some help? Have a conversation with others who have worked with a coach or mentor, or contact for further advice.

Change is not always easy, but with a coach or mentor they can enable you to make it. It might be only a couple of sessions or many sessions and it might be face to face or remotely (via telephone/skype).  

The coach/mentor will talk you through all this and work with you to establish what will best support your needs and be clear about what you can expect from them and what they can expect from you to make it the change possible.

This will happen from the beginning and throughout the relationship, so be honest with yourself and them how it is working to enable you to make the most of it.


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