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Coaching and Mentoring are both tailored approaches to development. There is no-one size fits all. The content is specific to an individual's needs and driven by what they are looking to accomplish. Coaching and mentoring are proven to help enhance performance and the speed at which it is achieved.

Both Coaching and Mentoring provide the time to review current and future work, giving the opportunity to assess focus, influences, challenges and aspirations.

A coach will help you do this through skilled questioning and facilitation and a mentor does this through sharing their experience and expertise. 

It could be a couple hours focussed discussion, or over a number of short sessions. If you have something you want to accomplish at work consider working with a coach or mentor to help you get there. 

To find out which one is right for you take a look at our guide 'Get a coach or mentoror see more details by clicking on the buttons below: