Allyship for Inclusion Programme: Using your advantage, opportunity and resources to drive change for others


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Is Allyship for you?

This programme is for you, if you are a senior leader, head of service, or manager wanting to champion all things inclusion in your culture and organisation. You know inclusion is anything but a tick box exercise and that it’s about changing attitudes and confronting discrimination head on. You are prepared to be a passionate advocate and driver for equality, diversity and inclusion and want to learn more.

This programme is for you, 

  • Push boundaries and learn how you can do more than what you are already doing to create inclusive teams, that deliver better service.
  • Understand how to be an effective and impactful Ally.
  • Increase your confidence around inclusion and be comfortable operating in a ‘super diverse’ organisation, knowing what and how to approach difficult conversations.
  • Lead the way for your organisation, teams and individuals and be part of sustainable change.
  • Learn how to be a ‘sponsor’ and how this differs from mentoring. You will have the opportunity to provide sponsorship for participants on the ‘Breaking Through Programme. how you can lead with difference, using your own unique mix of characteristics to bring strength to your

What your journey will involve

The programme consists of a five module curriculum that will be delivered over a 12-month period to create a safe space for you to explore how you create and shape an inclusive culture in your team and organisation.









Who can apply for Breaking Through

Each Local Authority is asked to nominate Senior Leader(s) to step forward to undertake the Allyship programme.

Participants will be required to complete a short application form highlighting their personal desired outcomes from undertaking the programme.

For full programme information including what is involved, the timetable, costs and how to apply are all included within our flier: Leading for Inclusion Series








Please click on the picture to view the dates for our pilot programme, which you will be asked to commit to


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