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Stepping out to lead with influence

AWARE is a modular online training programme designed for managers and emerging leaders, who are aspiring to be the best they can be and want practical learning which gets to the heart of organisational issues today.

Today, there is a need to adopt a positive leadership framework, distinguishing between what it takes to be a good manager, and a great leader. A leader has a set of core behaviours, which inspire and motivate individuals and teams. Fostering this sense of self-awareness and a communicative approach means that managing teams is a positive experience for all. This programme provides a learning platform to develop, reflect and embed these behaviours and solutions. It is a programme to inspire leaders to be their best selves, not just in their roles but as individuals. Middle Managers leading teams
will benefit most from this programme, however the adaptability of the content will also make this suitable for other levels of management too.

The AWARE programme
It is a package of practical tools and models designed to improve leadership skills and increase empathy and efficacy, combining digital learning and Action Learning Sets. There are five parts to the course, which together make up the performance pentagon.

A – Be Appreciative – Look for the good 
W – Be Wise – Know yourself and your organisation 
A – Be Active – Explore effective communication
R – Be Resilient – Bounce back
E – Be Emotionally Intelligent – Feel personally and socially competent

Aimed primarily at middle managers and emerging leaders i.e. Heads of Service.
Managers who want or need to:

  • Build confidence in leading people and teams in uncertain times
  • Create deeper understanding of culture, diversity, and political awareness
  • Create capacity for social awareness, self-awareness, self-management, and
    relationship management
  • Build personal resilience and lead with emotional resilience

Modules and Duration 

  • 8 weeks of interactive online learning
  • 5 modules of self-directed learning
  • Online Mural that helps translate learning and reflective practice
  • Real-time action learning sets with experience facilitators

Link to Coaching and our Coachees

  • AWARE produces a ‘Growth Mindset,’ creating a more defined self-awareness of self
    and others.
  • Ongoing coaching following the programme could benefit the manager to help further
    embed and sustain their learning through application in the workplace and reflection
    with a coach, in order to build confidence and encourage them to continue trying the
    new things they have learnt.
  • Managers whose organisations subscribe to the West Midlands Coaching and Mentoring Pool can access this coaching for free. If you are not part of the coaching
    pool you can still access a coach through WME – just get in touch ad we can match
    you with a coach.

Investment Required

WME Members £860+VAT per delegate
Non-WME Members £1020+VAT per delegate

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