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Harnessing the Power of Group Learning

Coaching groups consist of a small group of people meeting together in active participation on several occasions, for the purpose of learning together. This includes developing new capabilities and skills. Participants learn through exchange and interaction with each other.

Group Coaching is an effective way of developing a group of individuals who have come together for the purposes of learning. The power of the session is the opportunity to work collaboratively with a skilled facilitator.

The uses of Group Coaching are endless and can include, for example, support with solving tricky problems, dealing with change and uncertainty, handling difficult conversations and finding ways to better engage a team. It can help with developing future leaders and supporting under-represented groups, alongside a whole host of other topics that people grapple with on a daily basis.

Learning together brings many benefits for the individuals involved, such as:

  • Improved strategic thinking, reflection, reframing, questioning, problem-solving, planning and time management skills
  • Improved interpersonal skills, including listening, coaching, questioning and feedback
  • Increased presentation, facilitation and communication skills
  • Increased responsibility for own personal development whilst fostering a culture of ongoing learning

And wider organisational benefits:

  • Deeper trust and collaboration among peers and across departments
  • Better understanding of the issues, motivations, and intentions of colleagues and stakeholders
  • Lower price point per person – group coaching allows the coach to work with more people over less time, thus lowering the investment price per participant

WME’s Introduction to Group Coaching Facilitation Programme

This programme has been designed to support organisations to increase their internal capacity to offer group coaching, through upskilling employees in the skills and capabilities to be an effective group coach.

Learning outcomes

  • Understanding what Group Coaching is
  • Developing existing skills to facilitate in this setting
  • Understand how to manage group dynamics
  • Develop existing self-awareness and understand personal challenges
  • Opportunities to practice skills supported

Who should attend?

Aimed at coaches with at least 2-years’ experience. Some group facilitation skills would be an advantage but not a necessity.

If you can answer yes to these statements…

I regularly attend CPD and supervision, at least twice a year
I maintain confidentiality at all times
I am confident in my skills and abilities as a coach
I am confident in dealing with challenges from others
I have worked with at least 2 clients with the last year and at least 8 clients since training as a coach
I have a good level of personal confidence and assertion in a group setting

…then this programme is for you!

For full programme programme information including what is involved and cost please click here

The next course starts October 2021

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