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Good communication is essential in any relationship but when your team is virtual it is crucial.

In response to high demand, WME have arranged a Human Conversation Masterclass Open programme. WME open programmes offers flexible learning solutions for Members to access as a targeted manager intervention. This is a great opportunity to try out this masterclass before buying an-inhouse programme for your organisation.

The way we work has changed – but not fast enough. In the current challenging climate, most Local Authorities and public sector organisations are looking closely at what they do and how they do it.

Good Human Communication will be at the heart of this success, which will ensure that employees are invested in this new vision with their hearts and minds.

For teams it is important to develop protocols about communication and reporting, so as to work effectively and maintain team cohesion. When working in different locations and at different times, social relationships need to be maintained and appropriate online and offline mechanisms need to be developed. The Human Conversations Masterclass offers the skills that are required to make this a success.

Now, more than ever, we are operating in a VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex & ambiguous) where it is even more important that conversations are clear, concise and understood. Misunderstandings will be less easily and less quickly corrected when teams are working at a distance, and even well-understood processes are going to need greater levels of collaboration and creativity between people to be effective in the ‘new normal’.

Self-awareness is the first step

The focus of the learning is on the individual (self). Once we gain an awareness of our own (in-built) de-railers (or obstacles) to having an effective conversation, and once we have become skilled in the new techniques which will be introduced during the workshop, people will be better equipped to have more effective conversations, across all subject areas and with all parts of the organisation, and beyond.
The fundamental behavioural limitations that get in the way of us having effective conversations, and the techniques that help us to overcome these limitations, apply to all conversation types. Once people have acquired new conversational skills which they can apply in one situation, with one group of people, the same principles will apply to other situations.

You have got this!

Ongoing commitment and practise will be required to keep improving, and to overcome the naturally occurring de-railers that we all have by default. For this reason, delegates will be encouraged to practise with the new skills back in the workplace. After Session 1, and during Session 2, delegates will be provided with a further opportunity to reinforce the techniques and cement the learning.


Learning Sessions

The masterclass is appropriate for all employees, although we would encourage grouping people operating at similar levels within the same group as they will typically be facing similar conversational challenges.

We find that employees that benefit the most from these sessions, are those who have management or supervision responsibility, whether that be from two direct reports to several and multiple reporting layers.
Whatever your management responsibility you will be better equipped to engage in a full range of conversations, with an ever-widening population of people.

Purpose of Sessions
The Masterclass will provide you with the skills to improve the conversations you have with:

  • Your peers and colleagues – enabling more collaborative and co-creative working environments
  • With your boss – helping you bring important issues to their attention, assisting them to be more effective leaders, giving you the confidence to raise challenging issues
  • With your direct reports – so that you can motivate, inspire, and encourage people to take greater responsibility, grow and develop, and produce their best work
  • Across the organisation – with other teams and
    departments, across matrix structures, with dispersed and remote working teams

Learning Outcomes
The knowledge and skills you acquire will enable you to tackle conversations more confidently and
effectively in the following areas:

  • Performance Management
  • Discipline and Conduct
  • Coaching & Feedback
  • Creativity & Problem solving
  • Mobilising and supporting people
    through Change Initiatives
  • Developing People through their career journey
  • Negotiation, Influencing and Selling ideas and proposals


WME Members £99+VAT per delegate
Non-WME Members £120+VAT per delegate

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Human Conversations Masterclass

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