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Leaders and managers have the biggest impact on engagement in an organisation, and if you can engage teams – that can deliver up to a 30% improvement on performance. Why are we telling you this? Because further research by Gallup found that the most beneficial leadership and management style that fosters engagement is a coaching style.

WME have championed coaching for over a decade and this year have partnered with Coaching Culture to deliver further initiatives that support organisations ensure coaching becomes a core management skill. Join our webinar session to find out how their online tools can make a difference in your organisation. There are a growing number of managers sharing challenges around virtual working; motivating staff and performance management, and we know that developing coaching skills can be an underpinning management style that supports them be most effective in these areas, the demo will cover details about the online coaching skills training Lessons (see details below) which helps managers learn how to coach.  You will also be introduced to the Mindsets Modules which use online learning and coaching principles to encourage sustainable behaviour change.

By joining this session you will hear about extended offers available to organisations who purchase via WME.

To join the demo REGISTER HERE (You will need to register so we have your details as there will be opportunity to get free trial access of the system following the demo)

About Coaching Culture Products
As part of Coaching Culture’s #NowMoreThanEver campaign, they are releasing a brand new collection of bite-sized e-learning focused on giving your managers the tools and techniques to have effective Coaching Conversations. 

What is ‘Coaching Lessons’?
We understand that you can’t ask all your managers to become fully certified, accredited coaches.  But in this current time of crisis, now more than ever, it’s time to teach your managers how to build trust, show empathy and use a coaching style of management to get the best from their teams.

How does it teach managers how to coach?
Coaching Conversations is the latest collection of courses in our incredibly popular Coaching Lessons series, which also includes the Coaching for Non-Coaches collection, released last year to great success.

They’ve been designed by our ICF-accredited coach, and are full of interactive, animated explainer videos, click-throughs and quizzes to give your managers the knowledge, skills and capability to coach with confidence.

The elevator pitch? It’s digital coaching that is bite-sized, affordable, accessible learning at the point of need.

What’s included?
Coaching Conversations is the all-new collection which includes 3 topics: Effective Coaching Conversations, Coaching Conversations with Remote Workers and Coaching Conversations During Redundancy.

Coaching for Non-Coaches includes 10 topics, including Building Trust and Rapport, The Power of Silence, Goal-setting, Feedback and Accountability and more.

Coaching for Skills is coming soon to Coaching Lessons, and includes 5 topics: Focus, Creativity, Delegation, Time-Management and Productivity.

Coaching for Mindset is also in the works and includes 5 topics: Resilience, Emotional Intelligence, Growth Mindset and Change.

Each course comes accompanied by:

  • A handy, printable workbook per topic to accompany the online learning
  • Launch resources to help you drive engagement and promote it within your organisation
  • Printable certificate at the end of each course
  • Coaching Conversations also includes example role-play scenarios for your managers to practice their coaching skills

Don’t have a Learning Management System?
Our entire e-learning collection is SCORM compliant so you can drop it into your existing LMS for seamless compatibility. Don’t have one? Not a problem! We’ll give you access to our LMS to manage the content at no extra cost.

How many users can access the courses?
As many as you like – the more the merrier. Because the way to make coaching more effective is to give the knowledge skills to as many members of your organisation as possible. The price you pay is for unlimited use, and unlimited users – there’s no ceiling on it, and no extra charges for further licences.

As part of the partnership with Coaching Culture, WME have some exclusive offers and discounts available.

How can I see your entire collection of incredible e-learning?
Join the demo on the 9th December by REGISTERING HERE, or if you just can’t wait until then, email info@wmemployers.org.uk and we can book you a personal demo and free trial with the Coaching Culture team.

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