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Recruitment with the in mind

5th March 2020

In an articled published in The MJ, Lesley Shore examines Local Government workforce needs to deliver further efficiencies and drive greater productivity in it's workforce - the article tackles how should HR as a profession be leading employers to drive even further transformation and change in the workforce. Click here for more information. 

Smashing the communication silence

19th February 2020
Rebecca Davis examines the need for communication, dialogue and trust within organisations and how pioneering programmes are developing strategies to smash the culture of silence that impedes progress. 

Mindfulness Meditation

10th December 2019

Wellbeing in the workplace has become a key focus for organisations who are looking to ensure they are able to create a sustainable, engaged, healthy, safe and productive culture for their employees. Meditation allows you to connect your mind and body to the present moment cultivating the awareness we all need in our lives to bring our minds and bodies in sync for optimum health and wellbeing. Click here for more information.

Gazelle West Midlands A Wellbeing Challenge

14th October 2019

WME is really excited to join forces with Cognician and Gazelle to offer the Gazelle West Midlands digital wellbeing tool that can help our workforce to take control of their personal wellbeing through practical and sustainable changes, in support of positive physical and mental health. Click for more information.

#LoveyourHR - Blog

18th July 2019
If you are a regular on social media, you may have seen the start of a movement called #loveyourhr. Like everything we do at WME, we did not want to do things by halves and we thought HR needed a bit of a facelift and a bit of momentum around loving what we do. We therefore designed our own virtual campervan which you will see driving around on twitter and LinkedIn to pick up as many people as possible from both inside and outside of HR and across the country to tell us about their experiences and share knowledge across the public sector and beyond. The beauty is it is free to view and we have attracted some great bloggers from Chief Executives to Heads of HR and everything in between. Hopefully this shared network will provide some insight into the challenges that we feel as a sector we are facing and offer strategies of how we engage the all important people side that sometimes gets forgotten. On our journey, we are quickly realising that people love HR more than we thought!


We Design Microsites!

18th July 2019
We Design Microsites!

Some positions are harder to fill than others. Increase the exposure and attract better suited candidates with your own dedicated microsite.

Update 1: CEO Newsround to Heads of HR

18th July 2019

 I just wanted to share a monthly update from me on all things WME. - Click here for more information.

WME Response: Exit Cap Survey

18th July 2019

A representative response on behalf of our member Councils, 32 employing bodies impacted by the proposals covering the West Midlands Region who have contributed to this document.

Your go to Mediation Service

18th July 2019

 Here at WME we understand, the workforce is the most valued resource any organisation has, but at times conflict does arise and can escalate into serious issues impacting on performance, attendance and wellbeing. - Click here for more information on our meditation programme!