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Work based Coaching helps leaders perform even better in times of rapid change. It does this through encouraging them to exercise greater initiative and responsibility – and to motivate and guide their staff more effectively. 

What is Coaching?

If you are looking to review your current and future work, to assess your focus, influence, direction, challenges or aspirations, then coaching could be for you. Coaching is working 1 to 1 with an accredited coach who is able to help you think through aspects of your work and help to you find a way forward. They do this through questioning and listening techniques as well as introducing models to help you think in different ways.

Although the coach will manage the process of coaching, the content of the discussion is down to you. Therefore it is very personal development aimed directly at helping you achieve your work based goals.
Coaching is seen as a time-limited process (2-6 sessions) focusing on the identification and realisation of goals; emphasising your ability to think, feel and behave differently in relation to your work, and to help you develop in your role. 

How can Coaching help me?

Clients who have had a coach identified the following benefits of coaching:

improved confidence to lead and manage difficult situations

improved productivity through identifying and making changes to managing their teams 

improved delegation and time management giving themselves greater capacity 

significant improvement in relationships with colleagues 

better communication across all levels

enabled to see the value in their own skills

improved resilience and can manage situations more effectively

"Coaching has enabled me and my team to manage change during a difficult period of staffing shortages and a re-organisation, which I truly believe enabled staff retention to ensure the service continued effectively.”

CLICK HERE to read more about the benefits of coaching.


What does it involve?

Sessions normally last between 1-2 hours. They may be face to face or over the telephone/Skype. The coach/mentor may come to your place of work, or you might prefer another location for sessions (being away from the office environment can often be beneficial for focussed sessions).

All of this you will agree with your coach and line manager/sponsor when you are setting up the arrangements.

Agreeing to work with a coach means you are likely to need time away during working hours to attend sessions, but remember this is time away to focus on topics required for your work, and therefore should be treated as a valuable use of your time that you commit to attend.

If you want a good relationship you will first need to become a good client. This means a willingness to be challenged, up for trying out new things and committed to develop. If you can answer 'yes' to the following questions you will be able to make the most of the opportunity

Do I know what I am trying to achieve?

Do I allow myself to be open and honest?

Am I willing to change or modify my behaviours?

Am I committed to put the time in to make this work?

 Accessing a coach?

West Midlands Employers has a pool of accredited coaches from a variety of backgrounds able to work with you. You can access coaching through either independent paid coaching assignments or through the long standing partnership of the West Midlands Coaching and Mentoring Pool.

If you are a leader or manager from any of the West Midlands Coaching Pool partner organisations, access this personalised development for FREE from one of our 100+ coaches!!  



Can I access a coach from the pool?