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360 feedback

Are you looking to develop your people, enhance their leadership capacity and do it all for great value?

West Midlands Employers is committed to assisting public sector organisations to develop their leadership capacity. Therefore we have worked together with a number of organisations in the sector to develop a cost effective online 360 tool: WM360.

360 degree assessment is a simple but powerful method of gathering information to identify strengths and areas for development for your managers and leaders. Feedback gained from colleagues provides a realistic impression of how an individual works, enabling an insight into the real development requirements of that individual.

In particular 360 feedback's application to personal development reviews and along side leadership development programmes is one of the most promising fresh ideas in HR. Surveys carried out by the CIPD found that within organisations that use 360, the application helps produce better informed reviews, objectivity, openness, and better plans for the future; resulting in more productive identification of how to take performance to the next level.

WM360 is an online facility that gives public sector organisations access to offer 360 feedback reviews to their employees. 

Hear how Stratford-on-Avon District Council used it with their top tiers of management to help inform the organisations ongoing investment in development.  To view the video please click here


Advantages of WM360:

  • Reviews can be completed online, reducing the paper, manual input and collation; and reports are automatically generated by the system.
  • Easy, effective and flexible – with varied amounts of control and access to data.
  • Includes a powerful Comparison Reporting Engine that features weightings, benchmark data sets and the ability to compare scores over time, across groups, organisations and even across different questionnaires
  • A cost effective system permitting large scale role out to employees in your organisation.

In summary the system enables you:

  • Access to public sector tailored 'Ready to Go' questionnaires at 4 different leadership levels: Executive360 (CEO’s, Directors and HoS), Midlevel360 (Managers of Manager up to HOS), Frontline360 (for first line managers and supervisors) and Employee360 (for those without management responsibility) 
  • Option to add pre-existing or newly developed questionnaires to the site
  • Customised questionnaires and feedback reports with your own corporate branding and information
  • Secure and confidential method of gaining honest feedback
  • Produce sophisticated feedback reports about individuals giving powerful insights into personal development requirements
  • Analysis tool to compare feedback from groups of individuals within your organisation
  • Online interactive development plans for participants to record action points and development areas resulting from their review
  • Making the most of 360 Feedback

The WM360 system is very flexible allowing it to adapt to different organisational needs. However, we appreciate that you can have hundreds of features to a system but what you really want to know is whether it gets the outcomes you need. 

To help you make that decision please take some time to read feedback from those who have participated in 360 reviews:

We have many years experience of managing 360 reviews and supporting organisations to get the most from the process, for both individual and wider organisational benefit. Our partners have used 360 feedback to inform appraisals, development planning alongside leadership programmes and to gather feedback for a team to establish effective development interventions to name a few.
Hear how Wolverhampton Homes put it into practice with over 60 of their top level managers. CASE STUDY

To find out more about 360 feedback or to discuss how we can support you plans for rolling out 360 reviews in your organisation please contact Polly Sharma at